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Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 07:02

Hi Everyone,

Today i will introduce one of a dictionary application in Linux/Ubuntu that is Gwaei, Gwaei is OpenSource English - Japanese dictionary which translate English to Japanese word by word (sometime phrase). Gwaei provide some dictionary option that you can choose, some of them are English - Japanese Dictionary, Kanji Dictionary, Name and Place Dictionary.

Gwai Screenshot
Dictionary that provided

To run gWaei it's required an environment with at least gtk+-3.2.0/glib-2.30.0,  curl 7.19.6, gnome-doc-utils-0.14.0, and gsettings-desktop-schemas and ttf-kanjistrokeorders, but you do not need worry about it, because you can install Gwaei from apt-get (default repository) and all required application above automaticaly installed by system.

Install gWaei Dictionary via APT
You can install gWaei through apt-get install, do following to install gWaei in Ubuntu from terminal. For other linux distro (windows also), you can download gWaei source from this
$ sudo apt-get install gwaei
After installation process finish, run gWaei from Menu > Accessories > gWaei Japanese English Dictionary, add some dictionary in Edit > Preferences > Dictionaries then gWaei will ready to use. Here gWaei screenshot from my desk.
gWaei Translate English to japanese

gWaei Kanji Dictionary
ありがと  - Thank you