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Friday, October 14, 2011 at 15:42

Finally Ubuntu 11.10 Codenamed 'Oneiric Ocelot' has been officially released, the worlds most popular Linux operating system 'Ubuntu' has been released by canonical on 13 October 2011.

Ubuntu Linux logo
As writen in  Ubuntu 11.10 preliminary notes, Ubuntu come with full Unity experience and LightDM as default Login screen in Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and some of  `unity based` Ubuntu Fork. Since its last release on April 28th 2011, today we will what changes have been made.

The Desktop
Ubuntu 11.10 Final come with Unity which well collaborated with Compiz. Some of features in this release may ever seen in Ubuntu 11.10 alpha and beta, here's summary of notable changes of Ubuntu 11.10 since Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhall :
  • Ubuntu 11.10 use Linux Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic 
  • Unity Desktop run on Gnome 3.2 (Fresh from the oven!!) .
  • LightDM is default login screen.
  • Ubuntu menu in the top left screen is Gone, replace with unity menu lens. 
  • Gnome Classic (Ubuntu Classic theme) totally remove, just leaving the choice Unity and Unity 2D.
  • A new appearance of Alt+Tab switcher (this features has been use since Oneiric beta) completed with window preview. Even though it's looks more 'simple' and 'old' compared with compiz cover flow, Unity Alt+Tab switcher not forget the functionality.
  • Unity dash completed with left side menu 'lens' which filter the application based on category and ratings, this lets you find installed applications easily.
  • Some application have a new Icon. and looks bigger than before. 
  • The Dash has a new music lens, linked to Banshee and Ubuntu One Music Store, that searches your personal and online music collections.
  • Better performance of launchers and panel, ported to GTK 3 and GTK 3-based indicator stack. 
  • Gwibber brings improved performance and appearance.
  • Ubuntu Mono and Ubuntu Condensed become new member of Ubuntu Font Family.

Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Screenshot
Here screenshot of my workspace, many interesting things I have encountered but too much too write in here, so try it on :)
Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity
Ubuntu 11.10 multi workspaces

Firefox 7 no longer beta..

Firefox 7.0.1 in Ubuntu 11.10
We have new applet in desktop panel, that is simple setting in the corner of desktop..

New 'corner' Setting on desktop Panel
All social media and online account now in a click!
We have something missing in the nautilus, did you mention it ?

Nautilus appearances in ubuntu 11.10
Software Center
Ubuntu 11.10 application/software manager now is Ubuntu Software Center 5.0 because synaptics totally remove from default application (but you can install it by manual then), in Ubuntu 11.04 we counter 33.962 application provided in software center, Now we have 36.112 application provided, this mean we have 2150 new application which not available before.
Ubuntu Software Center 5.0

Ubuntu Software Center 5.0 looks more fresh and more usable, its completed with user review, rating, Application list views can also sorted by top-rated, by name, and also by the date the application appeared in the Center.

Applications Included
Here are list of application version which is available in default Ubuntu 11.10  application and provided in its repository, as follows :
  • LibreOffice 3.4.2
  • Firefox 7.0.1
  • Thunderbird 7.0.1
  • Shotwell 0.11.2
  • Banshee 2.2.0
  • Empathy 3.2.0
  • Deja dup
  • Gwibber
  • Adobe Flash Player 10
  • Nautilus 3.2.1

Theme & Wallpapers
Like previous write in here, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric will come with 15 new wallpapers (1 new official wallpapers + 14 selected Community Wallpapers) which actually new and never include on ubuntu 11.04 (above).
Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpapers and Theme

Actually, Ubuntu 11.10 just leave 4 themes (GTK) to choose, that is Ambiance, Radiance, High Contras, and High Contras Inverse. We can't  change anymore the appearances of window by manual (window color, window border, etc) and we also lost toolbar menu in the Nautilus.

Notable Missing Application 
After finish installing Ubuntu 11.10 to our system, we hope that we will find a new experience without losing some great feature that available in previous version. Well, some application has much improvement, but some application has lost. here some lost application/features that we missed the presence.
  • We miss the toolbar menu in Nautilus. although this looks better but this  progress has limit our capabilities.
  • Synaptics, Ubuntu Software Center 5 can replace all functionality of synaptics, but for some reason 'on the same' computer Ubuntu Software Center runs so slowly compared with synapics.
  • I can't take fast Screenshot using compiz, compiz have utility to make fast screenshot by pressing the <super> + <button 1> , now i can't do it and back to the classic way :(
  • We have lost theme 'appearence' utility which let's us setting such window color, icon, default font, and window border. we're only left 4 theme to choose.
  • Gnome Classic, we also lost theUbuntu Classic as alternative desktop environment in login page, as we can see on login screen we have only a choice to Unity and Unity 2D. 

Downloads The Ubuntu 11.10
You do not need a long time to get some fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10, just approximately 10 minute. Interesting to try it dude ? you can download and burn the ISO to CDs or Flash Drive then install it to the computer, download the ISO through following links :

Or try it online