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Monday, December 26, 2011 at 10:16

Yesterday, KDE has release the first Release Candidate (KDE 4.8 RC 1) for its renewed Workspaces, Applications, and Development Platform. KDE 4.8 which is scheduled to be release in January 2012 you can peek the appearance here.

Taken from the announcement here, KDE 4.8 RC 1 is contain a hundred of bugs fix since its Beta. One of new features in KDE 4.8 is a 'Secret Service', KSecretService is an application which provide shared password storage that help a user to save their password (optionally) and share it with other application, I have not tried this application but (guess) seems similar to Ubuntu password keyring.

Some notable feature in KDE 4.8 are :

  • Qt Quick in Plasma Workspaces -- Qt Quick is making its way into the Plasma Workspaces, the new Plasma Components provide a standardized API implementation of widgets with native Plasma Look and Feel. The device notifier widget has been ported to using these components and is now written in pure QML. KWin's window switcher is now also QML-based, paving the way for newly designed window switchers.
  • Use Dolphin2, file view has been rewritten for better performance, scalability and more attractive visual appearance.
  • KSecretService optionally enables a shared password storage, therefore making your saved passwords available to many other applications, leading to a more secure system and better integration of non-KDE apps into the Plasma Workspaces and KDE apps into non-Plasma workspaces.
  • More ..

KDE 4.8 Preview Video
This video is taken from youtube which uploaded by devSantyago (KDE 4.8 git compilation / 2011-11-07)  

Bugs can be reported, verified and found at We will update this news with the new post by the time KDE 4.8 Stable already release or it's available to install via PPA.