As a self-educated person in Linux and open-source, reading e-books is one of my methods to learn Linux. There are a lot e-books on the Internet talking about Linux and other computer stuff, but getting them in one place is too difficult because they are spread at the certain place on the Internet. Today, I'd like to share my e-books collection in one place so you can browse and download it easily. My collection contains many kinds of e-books about Linux, open-source, programming, and another computer stuff.

Some of my e-books come with Indonesian, and some with English. If you find any great Indonesian e-book, please free to contact its author for asking permission to translate it into your language. Well, if you're interested in checking my e-books collection, simply click the link below:

My e-books collection online folder

I will update that folder regularly, so please make sure to bookmark that page and check it regularly to get an updated e-books collection.