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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 13:18

Evernote is great application that used by many people to collect, spread, make, or store information (photo, video, and notes) in Internet or just save the information to be opened next time. As well as Ubuntu One or Drop Box, Evernote also provide free storage for registered user but the difference is the storage that provide by Evernote only can accessed by Evernote client application to save information which has made ​​it, you can access information inside your account everywhere and anywhere through Evernote Client that available in Evernote Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android. Until now Evernote is available in Windows, Mac, IOS, Blackbery and Android but at this time not yet available in Linux or Ubuntu.

Install Evernote In Ubuntu Using Wine
Although until now there has never been Evernote available on Linux/Ubuntu, you can install it with Wine using Windows (*.exe) installer, you can use following Evernote Installer :

What is Nixnote ?
Nixnote is a application that equal to Evernote which can run in both Windows or Linux/Ubuntu. NixNote (previously called Nevernote) designed to work with Evernote, it is in no way connected with or supported by Evernote. While Evernote now can run in Linux/Ubuntu through Wine, but sometimes that run quite slow so i think that Installing NixNote is the best choice to do. NixNote supports most of the Evernote features such us easily drag and drop images, tag and preview notes.
Nixnote Ubuntu Screenshot
Install Nixnote in Ubuntu
Now Nixnote has come to Version 1.0 and available various linux installer (.deb, .rpm, Tar.gz) 64 bit or 32 bit. You can download and install Nixnote from sourceforge link bellow  :
For ubuntu user, Nixnote also available to install via PPA, do following on terminal :
  • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-c/nevernote
  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install nixnote
You can support Nixnote to be better, visit following pages for Nixnote Forum and FAQ page :