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Monday, October 24, 2011 at 22:16

CoverGloobus version 1.7.3 released and available in PPA since 22 October 2011

CoverGloobus is great desktop goodies which lets us having audio player control in our desktop, CoverGloobus is seems like desktop widget which having access to some Audio Player such us Banshee, VLC, Clementine, Rhythmbox, Listen, and Songbird to control its current playing song (play, pause, skip forward, and skip backward). CoverGloobus come to version 1.7.3, add some features like progress bar, timer support, so download and update.  CoverGloobus is product of Gloobus-dev (a creator of Gloobus Preview) team.

CoverGloobus displaying lyrics
What features inside CoverGloobus ?
Here some geat features you can get over CoverGloobus :
  • CoverGloobus could display album covers and will search it automatically through internet.
  • CoverGloobus could display current lyrics of playing song.
  • CoverGloobus could find and display the tablature of current playing song.
  • Add some ratings to current playing song.
  • So many Great skins/Themes develop by its community.

Install CoverGloobus 1.7.3 in Ubuntu 11.10 via PPA
Since 22 October 2011 CoverGloobus has available for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric (32bit and 64bit) in PPA, do following to install CoverGloobus 1.7.3 in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/covergloobus
  • sudo apt-get updatesudo 
  • apt-get install covergloobus

Download CoverGloobus 1.7.3 Skin/Theme
CoverGloobus have many Skin/themes which made by its community, browse CoverGloobus Skin/themes through following links :