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Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 19:45

Hi guys, are you ubuntu user right ? can you tell me what is Ubuntu color ?

Do not worry about it guys, the question above is only the opening sentence so that we can feel familiar to you :), everyone knows that ubuntu default color is ORANGE and exactly Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 224 tell us that Orange color is #dd4814. Why Color is become important in a product, because color can be brand to your product, their can be identity to your website or product that you spend, Ubuntu Group website (wiki, shipit, planet, etc) and Ubuntu Fan blog/website also use that color to affirm the ubuntu identity. So do you have ubuntu fan blog, what its the color ?

Besides of that Orange color, ubuntu group (Cononical) also has a distinctive colors to show their identity thats shown on their website and other products, what color is it ?, that is PURPLE, and what purple is it ?, that is #772953, a purple that i said is also show on ubuntu website (bottom section) and also cononical design website, See illustration bellow.

Ubuntu / Cononical Color Illustration