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Friday, June 24, 2011 at 11:07

Since Ubuntu 11.04 change the desktop to Unity many people want to tweak it, and "how to configure unity launcher ?", may thas simple question suddenly arise in your mind. An easiest way to configure Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Launcher is using such us application helper, we bring 3 great application that help you to configure a Unity Launcher, and the way to donwload/install it.

Confity is a project created to facilitate the customization of Unity 3D without access to the Compiz Configuration Manager, or GConf. There are quite a few options related to Unity Launcher and quicklist, Download Confity from this link Extract the package and click to run

Confity Screenshot
Gunity is another application make easily configure/tweak a unity desktop, It effectively minimizes the hassle associated with the installation of the Compiz Settings manager or having to mess with dconf or having to use custom scripts. It supports tweaking various parts of the new Unity interface. It’s quite useful because support for customizing Unity isn’t included in Ubuntu ‘out of the box’. To start using it download the installer here, and install the *.deb package. There are some feature that available in Gunity
  • Adjust the size of the launcher icons
  • Change the panel opacity
  • Change the Launcher hiding animation and visibility
  • Enable or disable blur for Dash
  • Edit the ‘reveal’ mode
  • Tweak the number of workspaces/rows
Gunity Screenshot
Unity Launcher Editor
Unity Launcher Editor is still in the early development phase. Currently it can add/remove/edit Unity Launcher items and quicklist groups. you can visit this page to know more about Unity Launcher Editor
Unity Launcher Editor Screenshot
Follow this way to install Unity Launcher Editor on ubuntu 11.04 desktop.
sudo apt-get install bzr
bzr branch lp:unity-launcher-editor
Now unity would become more elegant and useful :)