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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 12:27

hai readers, Did you know what's LTS in the end of ubuntu release mean ? (Example : Ubuntu 8.08 LTS), if is not, Let's me give a little explaination. LTS is sort of Long Term Support, the LTS attach in every ubuntu release version which have 3 years official support from cononical, support that i mean is everything about that version including application, repository, question and answer or others.

A new LTS version is usually released every 2 years. With the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get 3 years support on Ubuntu Desktop, and 5 years on Ubuntu Server. There is no extra fee for the LTS version; we make our very best work available to everyone on the same free terms. Upgrades to new versions of Ubuntu are and always will be free of charge.

ubuntu release plan details
Why the LTS become important 
if you use ubuntu as server (the ubuntu server edition), you should mention whether the version is LTS or NOT because you must have trouble at the time cononical stop their support in operating system that you use.

It would be nice when you dicide to upgrade or install the new version of ubuntu you noticed the Release Plan Details, unless you want doing some experiment. May install ubuntu will not take a long time but setting-up all application as before requires sufficient time.