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Monday, May 2, 2011 at 12:19

Keroyokan is OpenSource distributed rendering engine that works on Blender, the name of keroyokan is taken from javanese language that mean working together without any rasial issue. Keroyokan has release their first version with codename "kuniran" which tested and running well on both Linux and windows as node or master.

A render farm is a computer cluster built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI), typically for film and television visual effects, using off-line batch processing. This is different from a render wall, which is a networked, tiled display used for real-time rendering. The rendering of images is a highly parallelizable activity, as each frame usually can be calculated independently of the others, with the main communication between processors being the upload of the initial source material, such as models and textures, and the download of the finished images.

Interested in using it,  you can download the source here:
Detail of Folder
If you have download and unzip the source above, you will see some config file and folder, Here following description of file/folder you've downloaded the above :
  • Master: Folder Master contain is of all stuff about master 
  • Node : Folder Node is contain of all stuff about node
  • Monitor : Folder Monitor is contain of all stuff about Monitor
  • RENDER_STORAGE : it's stuff must be on sharing folder transparent to Master, Node, and Monitor because You will place .blend file in here.

Inside RENDER_STORAGE have 3 folder:
  • RENDER_ENGINE : Contains of your blender engine
  • SCRIPT_ENGINE : Contains  of specific python script to get rendering contex or another specific script passed when rendering process
  • TASK : Contains of your working stuff when render
Inside TASK folder have 3 folder:
  • SOURCE : place Your .blend file to this folder
  • PREPROCESS : this folder will use by system, don't mind it.
  • RESULT : your render result is here, run monitor program to see its complete or not. (will be explain on the next section)
Inside Master, Monitor and Node have config file called EngineConfig.txt it's the key to running keroyokan. The important thing is don't forget to point RENDER_PATH properties point to RENDER_STORAGE folder depend on Your Operating System: 

Example :
if you use Windows it's must be like this

if you use Linux it's must be like this

For more information, visit Keroyokan official release page here, or ask directly to the author (Mr. Amru Rosyada) through this blog.