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Monday, August 2, 2010 at 23:24

While yesterday we always talk about computer forensic and computer security, now we have out of topic from that. In this article i wanna share a simple tips from ubuntu 'how to get quick and precision screenshot in ubuntu', if i'm not mistaken this utulity start since ubuntu 8.10 (when ubuntu integrated with compiz/beryl), yes .. this utility is part of compiz/beryl extras application,let me give simpe explaination of this utility.

If you are a blogger, book writer, or people who often write article, book or maybe school assigment we usually need to attach the capture of worksheet or supporting image/file that support our statement, when screenshot become often and being important part of our computing activity, we need such utility that help us to do this job quickly and precision. i don't know how to call this application because i just see the words 'screenshot' in compizconfig setting manager to activated and configure this utility.

Before we start using this utility better if you install compiz/bery and compizconfig setting manager then activate them. (if you already have) go to your compizconfig setting manager then submenu 'extras' and 'screenshot' (compizconfig setting manager > extras > screensoot), through this worksheet you will configure this utility. In this article you don't need to do such a setting because we already have default setting from compiz/beryl that easy to use.

compizconfig setting manager
Previously we take screenshot by pressing keyboard + , mostly we have not so good result and sometimes we need to re-crop the image to get truly part of image we desire, we don't need to do such activity above anymore, now if you want to get a screenshot just press + select, drag, and drop (using mouse) part of image you want to capture then you will get the capture (in .png format) placed in desktop, using this way i'm guarantee you will have a precision result and easy to slice. Picture below is simple capture from my desktop using this utility.

This is simple tips from ubuntubuzz today, i hope it will simplify you work, best regard !