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Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 10:04

Mozilla Firefox always give a surprise, not only about it's improvement,themes or plugin from the official website but sometime hidding some mysterious fuction which make us curious. Firefox’s interface is cleverly designed using JavaScript and XUL, and using what’s referred to as chrome URL’s you can actually open specific windows in a tab or the sidebar. This includes things like the management windows for bookmarks, saved passwords, downloads, extensions, and more. I almost use this browser more than 7 year, but lately when I was browsing the internet, i found important tips that show us how to open some hidden function in mozilla (an actualy i didn't know this before) via address bar. Here some Mozilla Chrome Urls syntax that mentioned above, all function type in mozilla firefox address bar.

note : Use to open mozilla about page.

note : Use to show explanation of mozilla content

note : Use to open web page that saved in your computer.

note: Use to show browsing history panel.

note: Use to import firefox setting (Bookmark, History, cookies and password, etc) from other browser.

note : Use to manage content colors.

note : Use to manage a proxy setting

note: Use to show all cookies that saved by mozilla in your computer.

note : Use to manage mozilla language.

note : This is my favorite function, this function is use to un/block a website.

note : Use to erase all browsing history (in a one session)

note : Use to open mozilla inside mozilla it self.

note : Use to minimize mozilla (unique content), to stop this action pres Ctrl()+W.

note : Use to open javascript console.

note : Use to manage extension/add-on

note : Use to open new window like file picker in linux.

Thats all folks, i hope tips (Secret Syntax to open Mozilla Firefox Hidden Function) above will makin' easy your internet activity.