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Monday, July 26, 2010 at 22:08

Who didn't know Mr.Mark Shuttleworth, this people is equal with the famous 'Mark' of the year besides Mark Zuckerberk (Facebook Founder) and Mark Mullenweg (Wordpress Founder), Mark "Richard" Shuttleworth was born in 18 September 1973, he is the Man behind Ubuntu, the Man behind Canonical, the Man behind HBD Venture Capital, and also the first African space traveler. Mark "ubuntu" Shuttleworth is an African entrepreneur with a love of technology, innovation, change and space flight. He start his debut by founding Thawte (is acompany specialising in digital certificates and cryptography) Then Founding The Shuttleworth Foundation (is a non-profit organisation that accelerates social innovation in Africa with a particular focus on education.) in 2001, One of important point we would know about Mark "Ubuntu" Shuttleworth is he not only work for the future of open source software, but also for the future of learning, South Africa, and the world at large.
Mr. Mark Shuttleworth as keynote speaker
This article will not discuss of biography or history of Mark Suttleworth, we start this discuss by imagine that "How about we meet Mr.Mark shuttleworth, what would you ask if you have just one question" just like joan osborne said. Some people admire to ubuntu, Some people have same interest with Mr.Mark Shuttleworth did or someone else have a same problem like affrican which Mark Shutterworth Foundation concentrated.

if it would happened to me of course i will not ask question like some movie in bollywood "Hello Mr.Mark my name is Khan and i'm not terrorist, what about you ?" or something like "Who will be the next president if this country ?". Eventhough it would be less if just one question, i will start explain my purpose with, besides of data in google we know that ubuntu is become very popular lately and the data said that 'indonesia' is the top of region where  ubuntu is become popular, then my question is
When will connoical & Mr. Mark  come to indonesia to held ubuntu release party like other country has ?
Every people have own purpose to ask, every people have own reason to do, we think it would be gratefull if Mr. Mark Shuttleword read this :D, and now how about you ?