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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 13:11

Growth of web 2.0 era make competition of software developer race to bring best performance and usability of website. Many of paltform such Adobe Flex, JavaFX, and Microsoft Silverlight competing to conquer programmer to use theirs product and bring rich internet application to the best performance of website. Especially in Linux/Ubuntu we have application called Moonlight to help running/displaying Microsoft Silverlight Application platform on linux/ubuntu desktop. Here step by step installing Moonlight add-on on Mozilla Firefox so that you can run Microsoft Silverlight in your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop.
  • Choose the application platform, this platform is depend on what kind of operating system installed in your desktop, If you have 64bit proccessor but you had install 32bit operating system, wise for us to choose 32bit platform.
Choose the application platform
  • Download and install the Moonlight add-on to firefox, the Moonlight plugin has 3.8Mb size and need  approximately 3 minute to be installed. When installing the Novell Moonlight plugin, Firefox may prevent the installation and present you with an information bar, to continue the installation click "edit option" and allow add-on to be installed.
Installing Moonlight add-on to Firefox

  • If installation process has complate with no error, you have succesfull installed Moonlight  add-on on your Mozilla Firefox, to start using this plugin restart the browser and you have Mozilla Firefox Silverlight friendly then.
  • If you interest to compare the performance of Adobe Flex, JavaFX, and Microsoft Silverlight, i suggest you to visit this link to get explanation and ilustration.