Boxes is a simple application which can be used to wrap text displayed on Linux Terminal with ASCII art boxes. Well, you can use it just for fun or create a signature of yours and the put the signature on text editor.

As I said before, the boxes can be copied to text editor such as Gedit to create a file signature:

Install boxes on Ubuntu
Boxes is available on Ubuntu repository, so simply run the following command to install it:
  • sudo apt-get install boxes
Usage instruction
If you want get a box which is like the picture above, please run the following command:
  • echo -e "This message was created with \"boxes\"\" | boxes -d boy
The "\n" is an escape character to print a new line, and please take a look at "boy" parameter. This parameter is used to define what boxes to use. There are many kinds of box we can use, below are two examples of them:

  • echo -e "This message was created with \"boxes\"\" | boxes -d dog


  • echo -e "This message was created with \"boxes\"\" | boxes -d peek
For further information about what kind of box we can use, please open "/etc/boxes/boxes-config" file.

Demo video:

Enjoy :)

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