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Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 00:26

Debian 12 Bookworm operating system finally released on Saturday, 10 June 2023. This is a Long Term Support release with five years of support until 2028 and has been developed for one year since the previous release. It includes full and complete set of tens of thousands of software packages. Bookworm is available for almost all types of computer available in the world and we can download it for desktop and laptop for both 64-bit and 32-bit as detailed below plus further instructions. Let's download Debian!

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About Debian 12

Debian GNU/Linux version 12 is the twelfth stable release of the universal operating system Debian as a successor to version 11 "Bullseye". It is a computer operating system that is the basic software which the purpose is the same as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Android to each respective devices. Its official website is and official download page is Getting Debian. It is available in almost all computer architectures exist in the world namely PC 64-bit, PC 32-bit, ARM32, ARM64, MIPS, PPC, and S390X. In the real world, these architecture supports mean Debian can run on all kinds of computer from Raspberry Pi, smartphone, PC and laptop, to server, mainframe and even supercomputer. However, in this article, only PC 64-bit and 32-bit versions covered.

Debian 12 DVD Full

To download, click one link below and Save.

For 64-bit computers:

For 32-bit computers:

Debian 12 Live Desktop Flavors

To download, click one link and Save.

For 64 bit computers:

For 32 bit computers:

Not available anymore. Our advice: you can still use Debian 12 by using DVD i386 above.


Downloading Debian 12 via torrent is very recommended as it is faster and more reliable to the users and also in many ways helping the community. To download a torrent, follow the instructions on the next section.

Torrents for Debian Full DVD:



Torrents for Debian Live 64-bit:

Torrents for Debian Live 32-bit:

Not available anymore. Our advice: you can still use Debian 12 DVD i386 above.


You should make sure (verify that) every file you downloaded from the above matched with the official checksums by SHA256SUM below. If the file's checksum matched with the original checksum, then the file is valid and safe to use -- otherwise the file is corrupted and you might need to redownload it. Follow this guide to do verification.

85042209e89908d5b59a968ff1be3c54415fa23015bf015562bad8d22452fa80  debian-12.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso
31338ad5ba1fa6ecda9024aa3f0993ddd9b73e38e940fb2704be3ab05958b9a5  debian-12.0.0-i386-DVD-1.iso
f43f8d2a1754dd2a2cfa95e2ae92f73e0497199f7bc44c3af35842a231f885e2  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-cinnamon.iso
03b427707f5bc96e354721bc1108f0f91f8b0d2e89d15823724244fb7cc20bf1  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-gnome.iso
df0dcba79af17b548fd575b263e8eedf47a52cde61a8d3435e1acd81a29d4790  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-kde.iso
fbee060e38704f8e89eefac42ecfda672300a52c08e5b92370923b14ca54b716  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-lxde.iso
8b11ae54860f0f495d18b36b9baa616e90a77609d69cfde712b34972df1bfdad  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-lxqt.iso
e43edc69a309a53ee2d9ca0257ea1fa9c42d096c8af2a914510daa1c70e2a35a  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-mate.iso
fa3960f6f692fc60a43eec4362d60f754b4a246ab64aa662270dd879a946de84  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-standard.iso
1519dc1461910bcb5a91709d115309d5bf4c2225920e227e56cf28b29552371e  debian-live-12.0.0-amd64-xfce.iso 

How To Torrent

To download Debian 12 via BitTorrent way (an alternative method to download files) you need program like Transmission, KTorrent or uTorrent then do these:

1) Download a torrent file from the above list.
2) You got a small sized file with .iso.torrent extension to its name.
3) Double click the file.
4) Your torrent program will open.
5) Start downloading the actual file of Debian 12 e.g. by 4GB size.

How To Verify Downloaded File

Your downloaded file of Debian 12 should have exactly the same corresponding SHA256SUM value compared to the collection of checksums above. Read this guide to verify.

How To Make Debian Bootable USB

Once downloaded, you can make bootable a USB flash drive to install Debian 12 to your computer and you can carry it with you to install Debian everywhere. Read this guide to make it.


In the future, the download links will change, older ones will no longer be available anymore and you might want to read these references to get Debian 12.

- Announcement

- Release Notes (64-bit edition)

- Download Page (All)

- Download Page (DVD)

- Download Page (Live)

- Download Page (Torrents)

- Mirrors


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