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Friday, October 15, 2021 at 21:33

Congratulations to Ubuntu community, finally Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri released Thursday, 14 October 2021! This latest operating system is released for Desktop, Server, and Internet of Things computers. Canonical published all information at its official website. However, this article will help you to download Ubuntu including Flavors from Kubuntu to Kylin, verify their checksums, make bootable medium, and install it to your machine. 

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Purchase Ubuntu Laptop

Want Ubuntu computers? You can purchase an Ubuntu preinstalled desktop or laptop  from several computer manufacturers around the world. However, to date, these manufacturers do not provide 21.10 choice but 20.04 LTS instead -- thus, you can buy one and upgrade later. Among them are:





Laptop With Linux

Tuxedo Computers


Download Ubuntu 21.10

Click this link to get the Ubuntu Desktop Impish Indri.

Ubuntu 3GB

Download Ubuntu Server

This is Ubuntu Server Edition. 

Ubuntu Server 1 GB

Download Ubuntu for IoT 

These desktop and server variants are for Internet of Things devices such as Raspberry Pi, LinuxOne, and HiFive. Click the link to download the Ubuntu operating system.

Server install image:

- For 64-bit ARMv8 processors and above: ARM64 1GB
- For POWER8 and POWER9 Little-Endian systems, especially the "LC" Linux-only
- For IBM System z series mainframes, such as IBM LinuxONE: S390X 800MB

Preinstalled desktop image:

- For modern Raspberry Pi boards (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4): 2GB

Preinstalled server image:

- For modern Raspberry Pi boards (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4): 32-bit 800MB
- For modern Raspberry Pi boards (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4): 64-bit 800MB
- For RISC-V computers, with support for SiFive HiFive Unleashed and QEMU: 500MB
- For RISC-V computers, with support for SiFive HiFive Unmatched and QEMU: 500MB

Download Official Flavors

These are Official Flavors, the variants of Ubuntu Desktop with alternative desktop environments. Click the link to download the Flavor.

Kubuntu 3GB, Ubuntu with KDE friendly-computing user interface and applications.

Xubuntu 2GB, Ubuntu with Xfce minimalist user interface and applications.

Lubuntu 1.9GB, Ubuntu with LXDE, the most lightweighte desktop edition among all Flavors.

Ubuntu MATE 3GB, Ubuntu with MATE, the mix of legacy, traditional and modern desktop choice.

Ubuntu Studio 4GB, Ubuntu multimedia production with graphics, audio and video editing tools preinstalled.

Ubuntu Budgie 3GB, Ubuntu with the unique desktop called Budgie.

Ubuntu Kylin 3.5GB, Ubuntu Chinese Edition with the unique UKUI desktop.  



Alternative to official download links above is the mirrors. If the official line does not work, you can alternatively download from one nearest link of choices below.

- Argentina
- Australia
- Brazil
- Canada
- China
- Germany
- Indonesia
- North Africa
- Singapore
- South Africa
- Taiwan
- United Kingdom
- United States


Alternative to official download links or mirrors above is torrent downloads. To download one, you should use a computer program called BitTorrent client, for example Transmission.

- Ubuntu
- Ubuntu Server
- Kubuntu
- Xubuntu
- Lubuntu
- Ubuntu MATE
- Ubuntu Studio
- Ubuntu Budgie
- Ubuntu Kylin 


Once downloaded, you should verify your Ubuntu 21.10 downloaded file (or copied file) with its own official SHA256SUM checksum we collected  below. Each Ubuntu's ISO Image file has its own official checksum, or, like fingerprint to human. To verify, read this guide


Making Bootable Medium

Once verified, you are sure that your Ubuntu file can be installed perfectly. Now you should make an Ubuntu medium you can install a computer with. To make one, read this guide.


Install Ubuntu

Once you have a bootable medium, you are ready to install Ubuntu. To install Ubuntu to your computer, read this guide.

Happy downloading!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.