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Monday, October 25, 2021 at 15:09

This tutorial explains how user can search for files and folders on a deepin OS computer. deepin OS, formerly Hiweed, is a Chinese computer operating system first launched in 2004 and comes with its own user interface that is beautifully unique called DDE. This involves File Manager, the file manager of deepin OS, and in this article we use the OS version 20 and the program version 5.2. Let's start.

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On deepin OS, your file manager's name is File Manager.

Step 1. Open File Manager

Open start menu  click File Manager  File Manager opened.

Alternatively, click File Manager on the bottom panel.

Step 2. Visit The Place You want To Search

Go to the folder where you want to do file searching. In this example, we go to our DATA partition where we store many of documents, videos, audios and other files. 

Step 3. Search

Click magnifier glass button to the top → type what you want to search → press Enter.

For example, type "flower" without quote to search for files and folders with flower in their names. Similarly, keyword "pdf" is for PDF documents, "mp4" is for videos, "mp3" is for audios, and "doc" is for document.

Step 4. Advanced Search

Do a search → search result appears → click filter button right beside magnifier glass → options will appear → change the option(s) to suit your searching needs → filtered search result appears.

  • 1st Example: on a given search result, you can filter by File Size: 1 MB ~ 10 MB to find documents and other files with that size range.
  • 2nd Example: you can also filter by Time Created: Last year to find files you created last year.
  • 3rd Example: you can also combine filters, like File Size and Time Created at the same time, to find, let's say, huge files you created this year.

(File Manager showing advanced search result of huge files created this year)

Tips and Tricks

Beyond the search functionality, to help your search you can also do these:

Recent Files: go to Recent (above Home on your file manager's left panel) to find out files and folders you accessed around lately.

Show Hidden Files: press Ctrl+H to reveal hidden files and folders so you can find one among them. On deepin OS, hidden files are files or folders which each of names started with a dot such as .MyDocuments or .mytext.txt.

Sorting: right-click empty area → Sort by → Time Modified will show you latest edited files and folders on top while alternatively Sort By → Type will arrange up your files according to their file types so you can find a certain file quicker.

Happy searching!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.