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CommaFeed is an RSS feed reader accessible via web browser and can be used easily everywhere. In short, it is an alternative to Google News. It looks very simple and lightweight, and works fast! User can just subscribe news from websites they like and read them anywhere they go. Registration is free and the software behind is free as in freedom. This simple tutorial explains how to use CommaFeed for first timers. Let's start reading!

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  • Gratis registration at 
  • Able to subscribe to any news, blogs and websites.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Simple display of news list, email inbox-like.
  • Supports RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Automatically find feed from URL.
  • Import/Export multiple feeds at once with OPML.
  • Free/libre open source software and supports selfhosting.

Step 1. Visit CommaFeed

With web browser, go to

Step 2. Register and Login

Once registered and logged in, at first use CommaFeed will look empty like below. Let's start subscribing!

Step 3. Subscribe to a News Feed

1. Click Subscribe button at the top.

2. Insert an website URL and it will automatically detect RSS Feed, for example,

3. Save. 

4. Once subscribed, feed will appear on left while news next to it.

Step 4. Subscribe to More Feeds

Repeat Step 3 above for Example Feeds next section. Get yourself accustomed to adding more feeds! To delete a feed, simply click Wrench Button (🔧) next to a feed and click Unsubscribe.


Example Feeds

We provide examples you can subscribe if you are new in using RSS feed. Once you master it, you can later subscribe to other websites as in fact all websites today allow you to subscribe via RSS. 


Importing Feeds

Alternatively, you can also Import many feeds at once and this saves you time. 

1. Download this OPML file (.xml).

2. Click Down Arrow (↓) next to Subscribe button, click Import.

3. Browse to OPML file then OK. 

4. All feeds imported at once. 

The file you imported imports all news from Example Feeds section.

About CommaFeed

CommaFeed is a web-based RSS feed reader which the service is online at and the software is available at GitHub under Apache License. For server admins, CommaFeed allows selfhosting and has ability to work with multiple other RSS clients. Want to help CommaFeed project? You can help by donating or developing. Visit the project at

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