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Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 13:07

Debian 11 Bullseye operating system finally released on Saturday, 14 August 2021. This is a Long Term Support release with five years of support and has been developed for two years since the previous release Debian 10. It includes full and complete set of tens of thousands of software packages including the digital tools to help combating COVID-19 for health care professionals. This release following the loss of three honorable Debian developers Robert, Karl, and Rogerio who passed away between these years -- to them we would love to offer condolendes and say thank you for all your contributions to us all.  Bullseye is available for almost all types of computer available in the world and we can download it for desktop and laptop for both 64-bit and 32-bit as detailed below plus further instructions. Let's download Debian!

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About Debian 11

Debian GNU/Linux version 11 is the eleventh stable release of the universal operating system Debian as a successor to 10. It is a computer operating system that is the basic software which the purpose is the same as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Android to each respective devices. Its official website is and official download page is Getting Debian. It is available in almost all computer architectures exist in the world namely PC 64-bit, PC 32-bit, ARM32, ARM64, MIPS, PPC, and S390X. In the real world, these architecture supports mean Debian can run on all kinds of computer from Raspberry Pi, smartphone, PC and laptop, to server, mainframe and even supercomputer. However, in this article, only PC 64-bit and 32-bit versions covered.


Debian 11 DVD Full

To download, click one link below and Save.

For 64-bit computers:


For 32-bit computers: 


Debian 11 Live Desktop Flavors 

To download, click one link and Save.

For 64 bit computers:







For 32 bit computers:










Downloading Debian 11 via torrent is very recommended as it is faster and more reliable to the users and also in many ways helping the community. To download a torrent, follow the instructions on the next section.

Torrents for Debian Full DVD:



Torrents for Debian Live 64-bit:








Torrents for Debian Live 32-bit:









You should make sure (verify that) every file you downloaded from the above matched with the official checksums by SHA256SUM below. If the file's checksum matched with the original checksum, then the file is correct and safe to use -- otherwise the file is corrupted and you might need to redownload it. Follow this guide to do verification.

89699678ac432ec8f43afc5fc1e1f088b1651f436520cc46dc79c1e14af6b816  debian-11.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso
2b6d2cf276703dfd5eee6f0f8a03e1fbf1ece5585019ffcfe18990edc5c59fa0 debian-11.0.0-i386-DVD-1.iso
e90f17192f340a56f40b556253ff22d1e40cb66bb28c1ca4c76825517028068e debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-cinnamon.iso
60d1576e7cb59a5a2dd59e96d98338f58f5dcfc93ed94e9eafcec7cf7939bfad debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-gnome.iso
3c598b9ed64ddb49731fd363e3b2322275db09c12d819200fb9f1f73305c4abc debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-kde.iso
b2624770a52fc34beaea647f7f2b12216b6f2b2a2c39e85900eaee04134146ca debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-lxde.iso
43d364f987856075abb7eae87d225c533a018c72d538cf9048a654a62c6e59e8 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-lxqt.iso
eb24747a3906457fd855df2ad60c1643b9fc1f90e9835bdc6e1da6e5992e5c5f debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-mate.iso
57413320bc685cd698c8b6381019e159118679946d9cfacd2dd779334934c83b debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-xfce.iso
a2312ccfc63488f7873b88559f53824ff0252857ea331abe7cfeb5205f2cecb1 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-cinnamon.iso
291fa5a29cd8aec26aa732c9c27d0f4551644566b7dfde069c6acc2f6d75d39c debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-gnome.iso
9a8c19377707cf3450f959d17dc5c19c8fc0b4382dde0cd7f1b17aaceadb8b73 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-kde.iso
b26d379f6e431ab240817490303f4940d803d2bb6a8468d8891333ea41d14bd6 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-lxde.iso
6988135b7ccfa3d71d04f292c4f9a93178e946cb6ac38e99d7e6461477abff9b debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-lxqt.iso
b83952229d6db62df20acfb3d616c35e230fa86e560b8180abee5987ccc81ce5 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-mate.iso
5201b1d4d105b63d00b11260ac7d385e32264185b154e6f7de79e2fc22ed38a8 debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-xfce.iso
3a816dcc73a36606160d7d29128c47d613265ceba53f05e776d7b07f11018381 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-cinnamon.iso
139e6892b532aea74cc12b20a017010bd2e2e5332d984dde70513faaf095f489 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-gnome.iso
e1a0a1e6b96bd072e18adf8fe6a1f9bcfbd32888723fb52975753b75c9b1174c debian-live-11.0.0-i386-kde.iso
a1014875aa6179d28196a9d872a20cd1b6cbff9b4048fe8e5b1294e6e51c86f4 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-lxde.iso
46021491076ce2d7a61c308e889ccef75a24f200b7a6facbcf8d286345e6b73c debian-live-11.0.0-i386-lxqt.iso
d3d0e2bd2c5fd9181af9655e9ad6cc40e7f65a5051d8cf58307745498c804e33 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-mate.iso
81cf90b783818c7504b49e965d9c32438e622c680ed5c73164bab03325da8e03 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-xfce.iso
e7a32a7b62189b4eaba31de2f2bd31c20a43e7abcf78825d472fcc25607311b5 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-cinnamon.iso
b24de4c2e0d58ceb787277ef22c104724b8bf3edab753b3742f6f397e4879b77 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-gnome.iso
e0206f5e26ed8fa1012ffbde37e2574b6ac3f2bcaf2d1a657e79cd542038dc7f debian-live-11.0.0-i386-kde.iso
5a1104fb3ad9632373dfeb8b705b6899fb35f1711941a646e8cfe9eef599af07 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-lxde.iso
2b7d42a63f384f8f95d0742f3d53d21ce3f5cc161750176536cc2910a08bd34c debian-live-11.0.0-i386-lxqt.iso
7e523ed47f0d6466de37e73aca02e99b3b05d445fd12c7335d044df349e43bd4 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-mate.iso
f5bc5132360824570723033b349f355883bb4c55cccdd4f209cabaf768564065 debian-live-11.0.0-i386-xfce.iso

How To Torrent

Downloading with 4MB/s speed

To download Debian 11 via BitTorrent way, an alternative way to download files, you use Transmission, KTorrent, uTorrent or such programs then do these:

- Download a torrent file from the above list.
- You got a small sized file with .iso.torrent extension to its name.
- Double click the file.
- Your torrent program will open.
- Start downloading the actual file of Debian 11 e.g. by 4GB size.

How To Verify Downloaded File

Your downloaded file of Debian 11 should have exactly the same SHA256SUM value with the collection of checksums above. Follow this guide to verify.


How To Make Debian Bootable USB

Once downloaded, you can make bootable a USB flash drive to install Debian 11 to your computer and you can bring it everywhere. Follow this guide to do so. 



In the future, the download links will change and you can read these references to get Debian 11.

- Announcement

- Release Notes

- Download Page (All)

- Download Page (DVD)

- Download Page (Live) 

- Download Page (Torrents)

- Mirrors

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