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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 13:18

Primitive FTP is an Android app to enable your phone to transfer files from and to Ubuntu computer and other devices over wifi or USB tethering. It is very easy to setup and do. Let's try!

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Pick up your phone.

Open F-Droid. 

Search for Primitive FTPD and install it.

Note: if you don't have F-Droid yet, kindly read this tutorial.

Connecting Phone and Computer

Set out a wifi, if no one existed yet.

Connect both phone and computer to that wifi.

On Phone, run Primitive FTP.

Click Play button to the top of interface.

Now your phone is ready.


Browse Files

To see files stored in Android phone is done with your Ubuntu computer. To do so:

1. Open Files.

2. Press Ctrl+L.

3. Press Enter after typing IP address of your phone, for example,


4. Answer with YES if Ubuntu system asks you to access this device. If you have set username password on Primitive FTP, you will be asked of them as well, so answer accordingly.

5. Connection established, now all Android files and folders are visible.

6. For example, in Android you can find DCIM folder (where all photos are stored), Download folder (where all your downloaded files stored), etc.


Transfer Files

To copy files from phone to Ubuntu computer, 

1. Browse files like instructed above. 

2. Find the folder, for example, DCIM (where all photos stored), and open it.

3. Copy the files you want to copy.

4. Paste the files into Ubuntu computer's folder you want as destination.


To copy files from Ubuntu to phone:

1. Copy Ubuntu's files you want to send to phone. 

2. Browse files just like above.

3. Find the folder in the phone you want.

4. Paste the files into that Android's folder.



I hope this tutorial will be useful for you and all.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.