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Friday, May 7, 2021 at 06:42

This tutorial explains the steps to switch default Ubuntu applications to open with for each purpose you may want. For example, if you prefer to open pictures with another app rather than Image Viewer, you can switch. In other words, this is an app and file format reassociation. Follow the instructions below.

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1) Open Files.

2) Find a picture. A picture is a file with a picture extension such as .png, .jpeg, .gif in its name.

3) Right-click picture file > a context menu appears > select Open With Other Application > Ubuntu will suggest several related apps in a list.

4) Select an application from the list. As an example, for pictures, Ubuntu suggests Shotwell as another picture viewer you can select.

5) Click Select button.

6) Now default application for picture viewing is switched to the one you choose.

Do the steps 2 to 5 for each of another default applications you want to switch.

Other Alternatives

How if the applications in the list not meeting your desire? In the dialog, click View All Applications to see all apps installed within Ubuntu no matter they are related or not and then select one and click Select. To learn about Ubuntu default apps, visit this complete guide

Happy computing!

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