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Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 05:25

An online service can help you making a slideshow in your blog post. Need example? Click here, it is our gallery of slideshows of Ubuntu high resolution screenshots. Slideshow is multiple pictures / photos in one frame with sliders -- the benefit is it saves you a lot of spaces. We will use the free (no cost) Imgur slideshow service here and explained it in only three steps. Let's try it!


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First: Upload your pictures


1. Go to

2. Click New Post then click Choose Photo/Video and select your pictures and OK. Wait for the process until you see a message saying Upload Complete!.

Alternatively, simply drag multiple pictures from file manager and drop it to the part saying Drop Images Here.

3. Uploaded pictures will be displayed top-down. An Embed Post link will appear.

Second: Get the slideshow

Get the embed code and paste it as code, not normal writing, in HTML view. To do so:

1. Still on Imgur, click Embed Post and Copy Link until you see Copied message.

2. Go to your Blogspot dashboard.

3. Create a new post.

4. Turn your Compose View to HTML View

5. Paste the embed code.

6. Preview your post and you should see the slideshow appears. You cannot move the sliders in the preview.

7. Turn to Compose View

8. You will see no slideshow but a link that represents the slideshow. Repeat these steps to add other slideshows.

Complete the rest of your blog post.

Third: Post It

Publish your post if you are ready. Done!


Imgur may not comply to free software completely but I use it today merely for its technical benefits and I would love anybody to tell me a ready to use free software alternative if any. Please bear in mind, just like any other services big or small, we will be able to use this service as long as the service itself (Imgur in this case) is alive and not shutdown or whatsoever. 

Happy blogging!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.