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Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 21:32

Last month, BlankOn, a Indonesian GNU/Linux distro and computer operating system, represented by release coordinator Slamet Santoso launched Alpha Development version of XII Verbeek after the previous version XI Uluwatu released three years ago. BlankOn was featured on Ubuntu Buzz for years (see here, here, and here) then seemed to be dormant since 2018 but this year it proves it's alive. This Alpha 1 version can already be downloaded by anyone and the team invites all to report issues, bugs, and errors to improve the development. Most notable changes are the switch to GNOME from Manokwari as the user interface as well as Calamares as the system installer replacing Partoedi among other changes. BlankOn users also got a new bootloader displaying all historical codenames. Finally, this invitation is mainly for people who know or willing to learn Indonesian language.

(Initial bootloader says "Jahitan BlankOn 12.0 Verbeek")

verbeek verbeek-about verbeek-menu
verbeek-libreoffice verbeek-repo verbeek-terminal
(Preview screenshots of Verbeek Alpha)


Release notes:

Distrowatch News: 

considered dormant, no news at the moment


Reporting issues: (user interface is in Indonesian)

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