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Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 13:01

Two ways screen sharing is where teacher can share his screen to student and student can also share screen his screen to teacher. To do that in Jitsi is very easy but in Big Blue Button it is different as the workaround is like explained in this article. The ability to share screen for the students exist in Big Blue Button and it's not just for the teacher. Please note that the screen sharing is not simultaneous (unlike Jitsi) so it must be done by turns for example teacher shares, then student shares, then teacher again, then student again, and so on. Please also note that up the time of this writing, screen sharing is not supported in Android and iOS. 

(Big Blue Button displaying student's screen at teacher's)
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In general, to make student able to share his screen, teacher must "Make Presenter" to him first and then the student can do it.


Share Screen Teacher to Student

Click Share Screen button below the board > select Entire Screen > Allow > teacher's screen displayed on the student's screen. To this point, the share screen button still has not appeared in student's screen.

Share Screen Student to Teacher

1. Create a room if not existed yet.

2. Enter the room.

3. Ask a student to enter the room.

4. Click student name and select Make Presenter

5. Ask the student to click the new button on his screen, Share Screen, and select Entire Screen, and then Allow. 

6. Student's screen displayed to the teacher.

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