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Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 00:08

Natron, the video compositing FX program, just releases version 2.4 today. We can celebrate as by this we know for sure Natron development is active and running. It can be installed on GNU/Linux, as well as Windows and MacOS. For Ubuntu users, included here's Natron with screenshots running at 20.04 LTS. By this article we at Ubuntu Buzz also want to tell you that Natron is looking for developers and maintainers so everybody can look at their website for more information. Enjoy Natron!

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Go to and grab one for your OS.


Installing on GNU/Linux

1) Download the "Linux" version with "Portable" option by about 130MB size.

2) Extract it.

3) You got a folder named Natron.

4) Enter it.

5) You see a folder with same name again. Enter it.

6) Double-click file named Natron.

If double-click does not work, run it with command line ./Natron on Terminal.

7) Natron runs.  

A screenshot of Natron 2.4.0 with About dialog opened.

A screenshot of Natron Documentation included in the software package. It can be read completely offline. Go to Help > Documentation and it will open in web browser.

More About 

- Release Announcement v2.4

- Features

- Online Documentation

- Forum

- Wiki

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