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Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 21:32

I am pleased to witness the coming of GNOME 40 (also spelled Forty) the user interface of most prestigious GNU/Linux computer operating systems. Below you can download and quickly try it from the latest GNOME OS or alternatively Fedora or openSUSE in live session right from the bootable medium or simply run it on a virtual machine. Welcome GNOME Forty and congratulations to all GNOME developer for this awesome release!

(Forty | Picture taken from the GNOME OS website)
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The Information

Officially GNOME 40 released on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 and announced first at the mailing list by Matthias Clasen and published its Release Notes at the same day as always. This version is a continuation to the previous GNOME 3.38 (which was released along with Ubuntu 20.10 and Fedora 33 operating systems). This release is as gorgeous as always with so many improvements and nice things brought along.

The Website

This new release brings many new things and as an example now GNOME has a new website addressed you can visit.


The GNOME Operating System

Forty brought a special product came to live named GNOME OS. With this, we can immediately download the OS to test out the latest GNOME desktop environment without waiting for the packages coming to Ubuntu or other GNU/Linux distro we currently using. This is the long awaited product we all want, after its rival Plasma had KDE Neon as the testbed OS for so long. Visit the OS at the new address

Grab GNOME 40

We can download computer operating systems which include GNOME Forty right right now so we can test it, love it, and later use it for our daily life. If you have a 32 bit computers, you can choose openSUSE straightly below.


Fedora Rawhide [DOWNLOAD]


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