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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 17:10

Completing the AQEMU VM guide, now it's a how to do folder sharing on it. With this, guest OS can transfer (copy-paste) files with the host OS. It is surprisingly easy and does not require proprietary software so you can do it on completely free operating systems like Trisquel too. Now let's go.  

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  • Host: the operating system where you run AQEMU on it. Host is also called hypervisor.
  • Guest: the operating system that is installed and running inside AQEMU. 

This tutorial uses Kubuntu as host and Fedora as guest. The versions are 20.10 and 33, respectively. You can, however, do this with any other operating system such as Windows and MacOS as well. 


Turn off the virtual machine you wish to share folder with.


Select the virtual machine > go to Media section > Folder Sharing > empty folder list appears.


Click Add Folder > select a folder you wish to share with the guest >  OK > selected folder added to the Folder Sharing list. In this example, I wish to share my ~/Pictures folder with my Fedora guest so I can easily transfer screenshots for my review works.


Select the shared folder > a short message saying "How to mount on the guest" appears on the bottom > the message contains a command line:

$ mkdir /tmp/shared0; mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio shared0 /tmp/shared0 \                          -o version=9p2000.L,posixacl,cache=mmap

Above is the command line to connect ("mount") a host's folder with a guest's folder.


Copy the command line from the first word to the last word. 


Run the virtual machine. 


Open a Terminal > go to AQEMU menubar Send Keys > Clipboard > the command line pasted into Terminal > press Enter > now the host's folder has been shared with the guest on the /tmp/shared0/ folder.


Go to /tmp/shared0/ folder in the guest OS to see, copy, paste, and transfer files with the host OS.  Finished!

 Happy working!

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