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Friday, October 16, 2020 at 10:17

This year good news coming one after another. Everything starts with Fedora announcing Fedora on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, then Ubuntu announcing Dell XPS Focal Fossa, and now elementary OS announcing both Slimbook and Pine64 PineBook laptops. Now everybody globally can find Ubuntu, Fedora, and elementary OS preloaded on branded laptops and PCs. This means GNU/Linux desktop goes mainstream. I am happy to see this. I really want to sum them up in one article so everybody sees these great moment. For everyone who loves Free Software community here's the news for you!

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Dell XPS and Ubuntu


Following Ubuntu LTS release April this year, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, announces the availability of Ubuntu preloaded Dell XPS laptop. Read the official news. Visit purchase webpage.

Lenovo and Fedora


Following latest Fedora GNU/Linux release June this year, The Community announces the availability of Fedora Workstation preloaded Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. Read the official news. Visit purchase web page. Watch the unboxing video by Fedora leader Matthew Miller.

Slimbook and Elementary OS


Following latest update of elementary OS this September, and welcoming the next version 6.0, elementary OS announces a very good news that Slimbook the Apple-like European computer maker now ships their MacBook-like laptops and iMac-like workstations  with elementary OS preloaded. Personally, when I look at the picture for the first time, I think it is pretty suitable for the workstation to have elementary OS and that is exactly what I want to see for years. Read the official news.  Visit the purchase webpage Pro X laptop and Apollo workstation.

Surprise, not only Slimbook but apparently also Pine64 the ARM technology laptops and smartphones maker wants to join the retailer group and will make Pinebook laptops preloaded too. It is still in development between two parties and you with ARM knowledge can participate too before the real shipment begin. What makes Pinebook became a best seller is thanks to ARM technology used you can imagine a standard laptop but with battery efficiency and low weight of a smartphone then no wonder everyone knows wanted it. Before elementary OS, Manjaro has been successfully shipped with Pinebook and we are now wishing the real thing happens soon with elementary. However the photo is already available at elementary website and it is so appealing. Read the official news



We are glad to see these good news. I agree with what Fedora Magazine said, this is really "good opportunity to grow our community" both in technology and in business. I also agree with Valentin David in his presentation at GUADEC 2020 that GNOME should be "Preinstalled on hardware", citing a GUADEC 2012 quotation, to expand our community further. That's why I see these news all are good and I want to witness more. I wish more computer models will be supported by Lenovo for Fedora, more models for Ubuntu by Dell, and soon the real things will be ready for PineBook elementary OS. Further, I expect ASUS, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, and other vendors will also join our community to ship GNU/Linux operating systems with their computers. It would be lovely to see greater job vacancies opened thanks to these. Finally, here's my summary I hope you will like it.

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