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Friday, July 3, 2020 at 23:14

On your computer, with GIMP you can resize pictures easily to later accompany your texts with them. I present you here how to do that using Scale Tool and either manually or numerically shrink a picture. Below is a one minute video followed by explanations and exercises you can download. Don't forget this is the 4th part of GIMP Guide for Authors. Happy editing!


  • Use Scale tool (S)
  • Click on the picture
  • Eighth handles appear surrounding the picture
  • Drag one handle to any direction, or
  • Numerically type width x height values on the dialog,
  • Join the chain or break the chain in order to keep or keep no aspect ratio,
  • Click Scale button
  • Go to menubar Image > Crop to image size > picture resized.
After resizing don't forget to Save As (Ctrl+S) GIMP document format .xcf and then Export As (Ctrl+Shift+E) actual picture file you want such as .png .jpg .gif.


This is the result of one minute video above. Before, here is the original Ubuntu logo:

After, here is Ubuntu logo resized with GIMP:

That's all.


Below are three exercise you can download the pictures by right click > Save Image As.

Orange section - Here is Ubuntu logo 'Circle of Friends' by 200x200 pixels. Resize this into five standard icon dimensions 128x128 - 96x96 - 64x64 - 48x48 - 16x16. Save them as ubuntu128.png, ubuntu96.png, ubuntu64.png, ubuntu48.png, and ubuntu16.png.

Green section - here is Ubuntu MATE logo 'Circle of MATEs' by 240x240 pixels. Resize this too into five standard dimensions like above.

Blue section - here is Kubuntu logo by 240x240 pixels. Resize this too into five standard dimensions like above.

To be continued...

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