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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 20:25

On Zorin, one can easily put icons on desktop by a particular way described below:

- open start menu
- find one application
- right-click
- add to desktop
- it added to desktop
- repeat these for another application

(Zorin Education version 12 with many shortcut icons on desktop area )

Alternatively, one can do it by using file manager:

- open Home foldera
- go to folder /usr/share/applications/
- appear many icons of applications such as LibreOffice
- select an application icon
- copy
- paste into Desktop folder on Home
- that application appears on desktop area
- repeat these for another application.

(File manager showing a tab of /usr/share/applications and a tab of Desktop folder to copy them into)


There are many people carelessly instructing you to use command sudo nautilus to get administrator file manager. Do not use the command sudo nautilus but instead use gksudo nautilus if you want administrator file manager. The sudo is for command line programs while gksudo is for desktop programs. Using sudo for desktop program is unsafe and has risks of configuration conflicts. 

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