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Friday, November 8, 2019 at 23:05

Nextcloud is server-based free software all-in-one alternative to Google Drive with plugins capability that you can install to your server. It is very great, with it you can create file server for your office, with awesome additional plugins like LibreOffice Online ("Collabora") & Video Conference ("Talk") you can install as you wish. But if you do not have server to install it, where you can test out a Nextcloud service for free? There is a good news. Actually, Nextcloud Project already provides a gratis demo server at everybody could use. By creating a free account, you can instantly test out Nextcloud with your friends. Enjoy!

(Trying a gratis Nextcloud server)
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See Nextcloud Website

Navigate your browser to On the top panel, you should see Demo link. That is the free trial service.

See Trial Nextcloud Service

It is located at To test quickly, pick the choice "I just want a short look around" and give check to the reCaptcha. 


The trial will be deleted in 60 minutes. In the registration page, you should create (1) username (2) password (3) database, select SQLite instead it works and finally click Finish Setup.  

Nextcloud website will create your Nextcloud server quickly but you need to be patient and finally you will be redirected to Nextcloud web user interface. This should take up to a few seconds only.


Welcome to Nextcloud!

Here is Nextcloud web user interface. If next time you setup your local Nextcloud server, then it would look nothing far from this one.

Try Nextcloud!

You can start your first adventure with Nextcloud by uploading pictures, documents, creating folders, navigating, and so on. 

 (List view, thumbnails view)

The best thing for a team to test first is sharing. Try to click share button on a picture, copy link, and ask your friend to open that link on their browser. Picture below shows opening a shared picture with Incognito Browser (notice the purple mask logo?).

Happy testing!

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