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Friday, November 8, 2019 at 10:25

This is my Ubuntu 19.10 recommendation list of useful applications for beginner users. With this list, you will know many programs for different purposes, for example Kdenlive for video editing and TuxMath for kids learning math. I present you here 10 different categories from Multimedia to Programming with at least 3 applications each. I mention preinstalled applications with star (*) sign on its names in case some of you still don't know them. In the end, I present ways for you to install all of them either by automatic way or manual. I hope this will be useful for everybody. Enjoy Eoan Ermine!

(Ubuntu Eoan with many useful applications)

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  • Multimedia
  • Graphics
  • Electronics & CAD
  • Documents & Printing
  • Education, Basics
  • Education, Math
  • Education, Teaching
  • Utilities
  • Internet
  • Programming
  • How To Install Them

1. Multimedia

Audio tagger, video converter, video editor, audio editor.

Rhythmbox* - audio player, podcast client, replacing Winamp

Easytag - MP3 tagger, to edit metadata of audio files such as Title, Author, Album, etc.

WinFF - audio and video converter that is easy to use, replacing Any Video Converter

Kdenlive - non-linear video editor, replacing Adobe Premiere

Audacity - professional audio editor

2. Documents & Printing

LibreOffice* - MS Office replacement, the best office suite

Evince* - Adobe Reader replacement, a PDF reader

Simple Scan* - scanning tool

PDFSAM - PDF split and merge tool, useful to publish electronic magazine etc. (for example, Rootmagz, an Indonesian GNU/Linux magazine, was published using PDFSAM)

3. Electronics & CAD

GEDA - Electronic Design Automation that is free software, replacing EAGLE or Porteus

NGSPICE - electronic design simulator, oftenly used with GEDA

KiCAD - electronic circuit & PCB designer, used by Purism to create Librem phone hardware (see this awesome post)

FreeCAD - AutoCAD replacement, 3D computer aided design software  (see FreeCAD showcase here)

4. Graphics

GIMP - Photoshop replacement

Inkscape - CorelDRAW or Illustrator replacement

Synfig Studio - Macromedia FlashMX replacement for 2D animation

5. Education::Basic

Tux Typing - trainer of 10-fingers typing

GCompris - all in one educational games for preschool kids

SuperTuxKart - racing game that is cute and funny, you can use it to train a person interacting with keyboard

6. Education::Math

TuxMath - funny game to train basic math for kids

KAlgebra - geometry solver, for grade - high school kids

GNU Octave - MATLAB replacement

7. Education::Teaching

Peek - screen recorder to GIF animation

Kazam - screen recorder with voice to MP4/WEBM video

Shutter - screenshot tool with edit capabilities

Telegram - to teach people online, I proved this with my online course since 2017 I name it Teknoplasma

ITALC - the famous server-client class monitoring and management, the name stands for Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers; alternatively, you can use Veyon instead, the advanced modified version of ITALC

8. Utilities

Testdisk - advanced data recovery tool, effective to undelete formatted hard disk

Gedit* - Notepad replacement, a text editor

Brasero - Nero Burning ROM replacement, a CD burning & copying tool

9. Internet

Hexchat - IRC client, because whole Ubuntu community communicate online via IRC

Persepolis - IDM replacement, a download manager with complete features

Telegram -  a free software server-based instant messenger

Transmission* - BitTorrent client, program to download millions of files shared freely via network called BitTorrent

Liferea - RSS client, to subscribe to multiple sources' news & articles from the internet

10. Programming (Software Development)

C/C++ compiler set - called build-essentials, basic tools that provides you compilers and libraries to code C or C++ language

Qt SDK - the best tool to create GUI desktop application that is cross-platform (Kubuntu and KDE are created with Qt)

OpenJDK - the tool needed to create Java application

XAMPP - a bundle of Apache, MySQL, and PHP that is easy to install

Geany - small, all in one lightweight IDE for all languages, replacement to Notepad++ or Sublime Text

How To Install

This separate part explains ways to install software mentioned above. Most software are easy to install using APT command line, some should be manually installed (don't worry it's easy), some available as portable applications (AppImage) (even more easier to use).


$ sudo apt-get install gcompris supertuxkart tuxtype tuxmath kalgebra kazam


$ sudo apt-get install kdenlive audacity winff easytag


$ sudo apt-get install pdfsam


$ sudo apt-get install testdisk brasero


$ sudo apt-get install hexchat 


$ sudo apt-get install geany build-essentials openjdk 

Manual installations:

Portable apps:

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