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(, an example of excellent GNU/Linux forum on the internet)

After making lists of GNU/Linux communities at Reddit, Mastodon, and Telegram, now I want to present you list of their web forums instead. A web forum is a website where you can communicate with people by posting text, pictures, links, audios, videos, etc. in full size. I divided this list into only 3 parts: distros, non-distros, and hardware; with more than 50 forums listed at the time I write this. You will see here English-based forums of elementary OS and Fedora, for example, where you can register and talk to members there. If you ask, why web forums? Then the answer is, because web forums predate either Mastodon or Telegram and still exist until today. Is there any other reason? Yes, because you might change your opinions regarding a distro and a free software if you know how good and active their forum is, take example MX's and FreeCAD's forums. It's really exciting to make this list and believe me I could learn so much new thing from this. Once again, here I don't make any distinction between official and unofficial forums. I wish you will have a nice adventure by using this list. Okay we don't want to wait and let's visit them!

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Part 1. Distros

GNU/Linux in general

(, an oldest and all-distros-are-here forum: almost every known distro has a discussion room here)



LibreOffice and OpenOffice

Forum to learn hard disk partitioning with GParted, the best partitioner tool.

The programming library that created KDE desktop, Kubuntu OS, and Plasma Mobile (formerly

The programming library that created GNOME desktop and Ubuntu OS.

(, a really big and busy forum for Ubuntu users worldwide; all Official Flavors have their own rooms here)




Ubuntu MATE
A variant of modern Ubuntu with GNOME2-like user interface, restropective future.

Ubuntu Studio

(, a friendly and welcoming forum that is very active)




SUSE and Red Hat



The universal operating system, the distro where Ubuntu made from. Actually Debian has no official web forum.

The latest technology-oriented distro that is upstream to Red Hat OS.

The most famous lightweight GNU/Linux distro.

elementary OS
Beautiful distro with its own user interface and user experience. 

User-friendly desktop distro that is 100% free software.

The Keep It Simple distribution that uses Pacman and well-known for its AUR and Wiki.

Continuation of 32-bit version of Arch.

A 100% free software variant of Arch.

A combination of Arch and Ubuntu, rolling but LTS, GNU/Linux distro, 100% free software.

The Librem laptop's and smartphone's OS, 100% free software certified by the FSF.

Ikey Doherty's distro where Budgie desktop originated.

Source code oriented, Portage-powered, ultra-flexible GNU/Linux distro.

Successor to the discontinued Antergos, a desktop Arch derivative.

Community Enterprise OS, created from source code of Red Hat Enterprise OS.

Formerly called Crunchbang, an OS with Openbox user interface and based on Debian 9.

PopOS (by system76)
The operating system of system76's laptops and computers.

Formerly called BackTrack, an OS with preinstalled network security testing tools.


The all-around beautiful & user-friendly desktop distro where DDE originated.

Zorin OS
Desktop distro for beginners based on Ubuntu.

Part 2. Non-Distros

The universal portable application format for GNU/Linux. If you are a software developer, you can join this forum to learn how to package your application in portable format that runs in multiple distros.


The universal software delivery system for multiple distros. Actually it has no official forum yet.

The universal software delivery system from Ubuntu for multiple distros.

GNU/Linux ISO images sharing community using torrent.

The torrent client preinstalled on Ubuntu. 

Data recovery community that uses free software.
Free/libre open source software photography forum. This forum discusses about GIMP, Darktable, Rawtherapee, and other free software use for graphics.

Open Source Design
Community of graphic designers that want to improve UI/UX of FLOSS. Backed by so many big entities like Red Hat, FSFE, and others.








Formerly called XBMC, the most famous free software digital home theater & DVR.

Linux MultiMedia Studio, the free software Digital Audio Workstation.

Wine is namely emulator, to run Windows binary executable apps on GNU/Linux.

Part 3. Hardware

Everybody knows Phoronix, or Michael Larabel, is the world's primary source of hardware benchmark information for GNU/Linux. Unlike other websites, this forums is actually the comment section of the Phoronix website.

PowerPC Notebook
New project to manufacture PPC laptop that is compatible to GNU/Linux.

Rasperry Pi
The first and most popular ARM board computer which runs GNU/Linux.

ATMega-based board for learning electronics at school and university, can be programmed via GNU/Linux.

XILINX, section Embedded Linux

The new computer architecture aside from x86 and ARM that supports GNU/Linux.

A forum to talk vastly about many ARM devices that run Armbian GNU/Linux.

The ARM-based project that manufactures KDE Pinebook laptop and others.

Purism's DevKits
Hardware development kits from Purism to learn, make, and modify Librem hardware and develop applications for its OS. If you don't know it yet, read here and here.



Arch Linux Arm, section Hardware

Similar to Purism Librem phone, the ideas behind it are interesting, and it can run Ubuntu Touch.

Worth Mentioning

  • - Community that recommends and creates audio productions with GNU/Linux. Not a web forum.
  • - As I ever said, it's not a secret anymore that ThinkPad laptops are more compatible to GNU/Linux compared to others. There are even 100% free software compatible ones.
  • - Similar to LinuxAudioOrg above, but solely focused on Slackware instead of being generic.
  • - I know this from Mastodon, similar to PeersCommunity, but it's a community of hosting providers that use Free/Libre Open Source Software and believe in user privacy. There you will find services like Disroot, Linux.Pizza, etc.
  • - a community of Libre Software Developers, especially those who are maintainer of 100% free distros like Dragora, and incredibly unique project like Libreboot, and sponsored by RYF's company like Viking. Many of Trisquel Forum members talk about this.
  • - an interesting developers community that share principles to create software as simple as possible so the result would be "suckless". DWM window manager is one among their amazing works.
  • - imagine Ubuntu Studio but based on Slackware with SlackBuild extensions. As many other Slackware-based community projects we could see, we also see AlienBOB (Eric Hameleers) name here. Not a web forum.
  • - Embedded Linux (Kernel) developers community, with really plenty resources to learn and work more with embedded computers.

Have a nice adventure and happy making new friends!

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