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 (Ubuntu at Mastodon, among many other GNU/Linux communities at Mastodon today)

Mastodon is a Twitter-like social network but unlike Twitter, it's free software-based and federated. In order to support adoption of Mastodon, I make this list of GNU/Linux and FLOSS communities at Mastodon we can follow and talk to. As Mastodon is mostly new thing for everybody, below you can also learn most used terminology such as fediverse, toot ('tweet'), boost ('retweet'), etc. Let's go!

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Mastodon Logo and Terminology

Twitter logo is like this,

and Mastodon logo is like this.

So you now know both. And if a community website shows a Mastodon logo, see KDE's below for example, it means they have Mastodon, you can follow and talk to them there.

Talking about terminology, while every Twitter user says tweet and retweet, every Mastodon user says toot and boost. In both, we also use follow, unfollow, and followers. But only in Mastodon we say federation and instance, meaning unlike Twitter, Mastodon is decentralized (no central company control) and we can register new account at any Mastodon server provided by any organization. A Mastodon user can follow and talk to user in any instance because in Mastodon not only users are connected but servers are also connected, that is federation.

Join Mastodon

You can join Mastodon by creating new account in

Worldwide most popular GNU/Linux operating system.

KDE variant of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu MATE
MATE desktop variant of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Studio
Audio/video creative variant of Ubuntu.

The base of Ubuntu and almost all other distros.

The source code oriented flexible distro.

Solus OS
The distro where Budgie desktop created.

Void GNU/Linux

PantherX OS
A new distro based on Guix Package Manager with its own Qt5-based desktop environment.

MX GNU/Linux
Recently popular XFCE-powered lightweight distro based on Debian.

Nitrux GNU/Linux
The AppImage oriented distro.

The GNU OS desktop environment.

The oldest desktop environment of GNU/Linux.

Free, libre office suite program we all know.

elementary OS
Modern, sleek, innovative distro based on Ubuntu.

The green lizard operating system with YaST amazing control panel.

Purism Librem
The GNU/Linux laptops and smartphones company.

Free, libre image editor and digital animation program similar to Corel Painter.

Free vector image editor similar to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

Libre Graphics Meeting
International conference of graphic designers who use free/libre software.

OMG! Ubuntu
The most famous Ubuntu news site and I like it.

Manjaro (unofficial)
The most popular desktop variant of Arch which is easy to install and use.

Professional darkroom photo manager program similar to Adobe Lightroom.

Libre Lounge
Podcast focused in computer user freedom topic.

The free and libre Photoshop for everybody.

Linux Tech More
Tutorials and videos from LinuxTechMore blog.

Free software Computer Aided Design for 2D and 3D similar to AutoCAD.

Tor Project
The Onion Router, a security and privacy tool every internet user should use today.

Free/Open Source Software Developer Europe Meeting.

Crowdfunding place that funded Mastodon and other free software projects.

A full replacement to Google Suite that is free software.
The next internet communication protocol that is federated with nice desktop client.

Switched to Linux
Getting real work done on GNU/Linux.

Gaming On Linux
Everything about playing video games on GNU/Linux.

Godot Engine
User friendly 2D and 3D game maker software that is free.

Video podcast for GNU/Linux and BSD installation tutorials.

Tuxedo Computers
Remember my GNU/Linux computer list? This is Tuxedo's Mastodon.

Pinebook Laptops
Have you ever seen KDE Pinebook (ARM) laptop? That's cool and this is their Mastodon.

(discontinued, unfortunately)
Arch derivative that often says GNU more than Linux.

Do you want to find a job in free software & open source world? See this Mastodon.

This Week In Linux
Uptodate News from multiple sources about GNU/Linux.

uGet Download Manager
Desktop download accelerator that is fast and similar to IDM.

Guardian Project
Related closer to Android and Replicant, it's security project that develops Orbot and many other user-friendly security tools for mobile phone.

Email service that is secure, open source-oriented, very user-friendly, and recommended by and Sven's Restore Privacy at least per 2 October 2019.

Command Line Magic
GNU/Linux command lines, short with explanations, and handy.

Podcast that talks about recent FOSS news, gaming, design with GNU/Linux.
New website interestingly focused at Librem, Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, postmarketOS and such GNU/Linux smartphones.

Big Daddy Linux
Podcast publishing of its YouTube channel with same name.

Destination Linux
Podcast by 4 people talking about GNU/Linux and gaming on it.

News and tutorials from Open Source-Tech-*Nix website.

Interesting Mastodon Servers

Servers, also called instances, are Mastodon's equivalent to Twitter's server. Twitter server is only one, that is,, so you register there. But Mastodon servers are many, for example Mastodon.Social or Floss.Social, so you register to any of them, then talk and follow any user in any server, as Mastodon's servers are interconnected. I recommend you to start with Floss.Social server if you are new in Mastodon. Start to explore people there, find out projects such as GNOME and others, and have fun.

Register | [TOS]

Register | [TOS]

Librem One
Register | [TOS]

Happy tooting!

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