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Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 18:50

When I'm still writing Debian Source Code article today (Saturday 7 September 2019), I'm surprised when I opened gNewSense website and I found it's changed drastically with a beautiful announcement that the development continues after a long time being dormant. You know, gNewSense is a 100% free software GNU/Linux distro derived from Debian that has been not released new version since 2014 so many of us thought that it's abandoned. Fortunately, Matt Lee, former FSF member, taken over the project from Sam, the former gNewSense leader, and started the development anew in 2019! More happy news is thet gNewSense Project is merging with Skeleton GNU/Linux Project, another completely free distro project. I am happy with this. This new project sets new goals that are very interesting, among them, they decided to use GitLab CE as central of online development and number their releases to follow Debian's. If you want to help the development, see link resources below to join what you are interested with. Thank you Sam for all good deeds you have done up to now! Thank you Mat Lee for starting gNewSense once again! Congratulations to gNewSense project!


(This is the new development central of gNewSense)

I hope everybody can help the new gNewSense Project.

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