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Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 10:56

There are many color palettes you can download on the net. The secret is, GIMP palettes are compatible to Inkscape. You can import palettes to both GIMP and Inkscape easily. On GNU/Linux system, you need to put the file with .gpl extension into ~/.config/GIMP/x.y/palettes/ and ~/.config/inkscape/palettes/, respectively. And then restart the app to enable the color swatches. I use Nord Color Palette as example here. See the procedures below and more free palettes ready to download. Happy coloring!

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Copy the .gpl file to ~/.config/GIMP/x.y/palettes/ directory (where x.y is the GIMP version number). For instance here, Nord Color Palette file is nord.gpl and I copied it to /home/ubuntu/.config/GIMP/2.9/palettes/ directory as my username is 'ubuntu' and GIMP version is '2.9'.

Run GIMP and click the triangle button > Add Tab > Palettes > then a new palette tab added and the palette (Nord here) should appear there.

Double-click the palette name (Nord here) to show the colors. Example below shows the fifteen Nord colors ready to use on GIMP.


Copy the .gpl file into ~/.config/inkscape/palettes/ directory.

Restart Inkscape and you should find Nord Color Palette among other palettes via bottom palette > triangle button on right > Nord. You can also enable the swatches by pressing Ctrl+Shift+W. Picture below also shows the fifteen Nord colors ready to use on Inkscape.

More Palettes

Fortunately, there are so many color palettes available out there.  From Material Design to Pantone color swatches, and more. The procedures to import them are the same as above. You can start from these links.

(Denilson's awesome collection of color palettes)


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