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Monday, June 17, 2019 at 13:58

ZorinOS 15 Core has been released on 5 June 2019. To be clear, the released edition now is the Core and Ultimate, gratis and paid versions, while the Lite and Education editions has not been released yet. It's released with an awesome video online. Here you can see what download sources available plus SHA256SUM and torrents. Enjoy Zorin!

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Zorin-OS-15-Core-64-bit.iso  bf2233af0f081bca5f3fafedb1ea18dbc53ffe538ccf7debeb12badb6aba157a

Note: this hash checksum is not available on the official download page, nor the mirrors, not even the unofficial torrent provider. This is available on the Upgrade Guide page.

Official Download

The webpage providing them is This page also features newsletter subscription for you. You can contribute back to Zorin Project by caring about them.

Official Mirror

If you want to download anyway, obtain it directly from

OSDN Mirror

If Sourceforge server is slow for you perhaps, you can download from OSDN server instead

Internet Archive (Unofficial)

I uploaded the ISO and SHA5SUM on Internet Archive so everybody can download from worldwide. If you have no idea what is Internet Archive, read this. I hope this mirror helps you a lot.

Torrent Downloads (Unofficial)

There is no torrent download officially available from Zorin Project website. So, community can publish unofficial torrents and you can safely download one as long as valid checksum exists. Always verify the hash checksum of the file you have downloaded to make sure it's valid. You can also contribute by help seeding these torrents to the world.

Happy downloading!

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