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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 23:27

(Inkscape with dark interface)

You can turn Inkscape user interface to dark thanks to your desktop settings. This short article compares between Light and Dark themes of Inkscape so you know how to switch theme and how good it is. I use Inkscape 0.92.3 under GNOME 3 user interface so I can switch the theme easily using Tweak Tool. Enjoy!

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1. Switch Theme

On GNOME desktop environment, run Tweak Tool, and change the default Adwaita theme to Adwaita-dark. To revert back, simply change it again to Adwaita.

2. Basic Look

Here's basically how Inkscape window looks under Light and Dark theme. Obviously, the dark theme emphasizes icons and menu's text better. Notice the black text on Light theme and white text on Dark theme.

3. Toolbox

Here's you can look closer how the toolbar looks like. The icons (left) look clearer on Dark theme.

4. Dialogs

One of the most frequently used dialog in Inkscape is the save dialog.

And then the sidebars dialog when detached.

And here's the about dialog looks like.

5. Menubar

Here's how the menubar looks like with submenu showing. Here, View > Show/Hide is a good example. The dark theme may help you emphasize all text to find everything quicker.

6. Sidebar

Here's the sidebar (Ctrl+Shift+E is a good example).

7. Context Menu

Trying to right-click an empty area will show you context menu. Dark theme helps emphasize the text.

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