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Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 22:10

(Kig and KolourPaint running as Snaps from KDE Applications 19.04 on Kubuntu)

Great news announced on 18 April 2019 by KDE neon developers that KDE Applications 19.04 has been released for all GNU/Linux distros through Snap Store. This means KDE Project released their latest bundle of awesome, unique applications we know like Gwenview, Okular, Kig, KolourPaint, and so on in one time. And we in every GNU/Linux distro, as long as we have Snap installed, can install those applications without waiting our respective distro to provide them to us. Finally, happy installing!

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What is this?

First, we know KDE (more precisely the name is Plasma) is our desktop environment we find on Kubuntu. Second, KDE Community does not just develop Plasma Desktop, but also all awesome programs in one set called KDE Applications and released regularly as source code every a period of time. Third, we have now many different GNU/Linux distros such as Kubuntu itself and Fedora and openSUSE and so on while every distro differs in their pace in providing KDE Applications bundle as binary code (i.e. packages). This story tells you that even though your distros are different, you can by now get all the KDE Applications since they are released on the universal platform for GNU/Linux called Snap Store.

Snap Store and KDE

If you go to you will find the official store by KDE to provide you KDE Applications. You may find there, at this moment, no less than 50 applications already available. Yes, they are all Snap applications, meaning, can be installed in every GNU/Linux distro.

Applications available

By now (30 April 2019) there are 52 KDE Applications available as Snaps in the Snap Store. Among them are Gwenview, Okular, Kig, KGeography, Step, Skrooge, and so on.

Checking availability from Kubuntu

For example, on Kubuntu 19.04, to check Gwenview availability as latest version, run:
$ snap info gwenview

To check availability for KGeography, run:
$ snap info kgeography

Install applications

To install applications available in the Snap Store, simply run command line like this:
$ snap install kgeography
If you want to install more than one at once, simply combine the command lines like this:
$ snap install gwenview kgeography kig step kolourpaint

Run applications

To run applications you installed from Snap Store, simply run them from your start menu. For example, here's a screenshot of Step (physics simulator) and Kalzium (chemistry, periodic table explorer), both from KDE Applications 19.04, running on Kubuntu 19.04.

If you prefer command line, simply run them similarly to those installation commands above. For example:
$ snap run step
$ snap run kalzium


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