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Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 23:55

(Yaru Theme Pack installed on Fedora operating system)

How about using Yaru Desktop & Icon Theme outside of Ubuntu? Where to download? How to set them up? That's interesting as many GNU/Linux distros come with vanilla GNOME with Adwaita Theme. You might want it as Yaru is a unique, all-in-one, modern theme pack for GNOME inspired by the so called Flat and Material styles, yet it's colorful and easy to recognize. This short tutorial will guide you to completely setup Yaru on Fedora Rawhide with GNOME 3.32. Enjoy!

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You need two additional program namely meson (build tool) and sassc (css compiler). On Fedora, you can install them easily:

$ sudo dnf install meson sassc glib

Download Yaru

Simply click download link below and you will have a 18MB compressed file containing Yaru Theme Pack. However, in case the package search page got dismissed someday in the future, you can always see Yaru on GitHub.

Extract Yaru

Right-click > Extract Here. You will get yaru directory with this hierarchy inside:

(See there is file along with gnome-shell/ and gtk/ directories right under yaru-theme directory)

Compile Yaru

Yes, Yaru is indeed a complex theme so you even need to compile it. Go inside the extracted Yaru directory where you can see file and run commands below:
$ pwd # this should indicate the yaru directory 
$ ls # this should list a file named among others
$ meson build # this should produce a new directory named build/
$ cd build/ #enter build/
$ ls # this should list a file named inside build/
$ ninja # compile everything
$ sudo ninja install # this should finish all installations to system directories

Enable GTK Theme

From the Application field on GNOME Tweak Tool, select Yaru.

Enable Icons

It's Yaru on GNOME Tweak Tool.

Enable Cursor

It's also Yaru on the Tweak Tool.

Enable Sound

It's called Yaru as well on the Tweak Tool.

Enable All Controls

Just like how this theme displayed on Ubuntu, you will like trio of control buttons appears. Go to GNOME Tweak Tool > Window Titlebars > enable Maximize and Minimize.

Final Result

Now your Fedora should look like below. However, if you are wondering about the clock position and speed indicator there, see my latest Extensions for 3.32. Happy tweaking!

(General desktop look with titlebars and controls)

(Start menu look with Yaru icon theme)

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