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Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 16:27

You may find it's difficult on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 to share you internet access from wifi to wifi so your phone device can connect to the internet through your laptop. It does not require you to install any program. The requirement is only to have 2 wifi adapter (no matter either it's usb, pcmcia, or pci) so one used as receiver and one as transmitter. The steps are surprisingly short and easy. Let's go and happy surfing!

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What we will do?

Create a new wifi connection using network editor and next call it from system tray by name you determined. As simple as that.

Two adapters

You need 2 wifi adapters to run this tutorial. One acts as receiver, and one act as transmitter. Here my receiver is MediaTek, and my transmitter is Broadcom. The Broadcom transmitter is the one we create a hotspot on. You can easily buy internal or external Wifi Adapter from ThinkPenguin, Technoethical, or such computer shop. I suggest you to buy only wifi adapter which is compatible with free software.

First step: connect to internet source

Find an internet wifi hotspot and connect to it using primary adapter. In this example, I connect to public hotspot using my Mediatek adapter.

Second step: create a new wifi network

Right-click network manager applet > Edit Connection > click plus button > Choose connection type: Wifi > Create > type Connection name: rabbit_hotspot > type SSID: rabbit_hotspot > select Mode: Hotspot > Save. This makes a new unconnected network named rabbit_hotspot.

Third step: enable the wifi hotspot

Click network manager > see the bottom section > Create New Wi-Fi Network > select Wifi Adapter: your secondary adapter (as example, mine is Broadcom) > select Connection: rabbit_hotspot > Create > make sure it is connected on the network manager.

Now see your phone screen whether there is a new hotspot called rabbit_hotspot or not. Enjoy!

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