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Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at 23:43

Did you use copy date/time to clipboard feature on KDE 4? I did that a lot and I loved that. That was one thing I missed since the inception of KDE 5. But, fortunately, and personally shockingly, I met this again starting from my updated KDE 5.13.5. It made me very happy and shocked in the same time when I ran latest Plasma 5.14.4 few days ago: "amazing, since when did this feature come back?" like that. When I went back to my Plasma 5.13.5, it's there too, and finally I obtained information that it's available again since Plasma 5.13.0 from April 2018. So let's see how is it now. Enjoy!

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Note: apparently, this feature existed even since KDE 3. See report by tukkek here.

How does it look?

On KDE 4, it looks like this. This picture is by Bernhard Schiffner (brschiffener) at KDE bug track:

(Screenshot by Bernhard S. without particular license from KDE bug tracker page)

On KDE 5, it had ever lost, it had been missing for a long time.

But I found out on my current system that starting from my updated Plasma 5.13.5, this feature exists. You may see last section below that actually this was added again since 5.13.0 at 11 April 2018. Thank you all KDE developers!

(Right-click digital clock > Copy to clipboard > choose time format)

 (Digital clock widget placed on desktop area also has this feature)

For what is it?

All purposes which need time information (date/clock). You can easily copy and paste current date into your text editor or web browser, suppose you are a writer or an office employee.  For example, me, I wrote many LaTeX documents as a hobby and I put every date from this KDE feature. Now, I'm teaching online so I can paste current date & time quickly to my announcements. And many other possibilities you can create your own.

(Copying date/time information with my locale (Indonesia) to Writer)

What is KDE Plasma?

If you use GNU/Linux computer operating system, for example, Kubuntu or openSUSE, you will find your desktop is named "Plasma". Yes, the desktop is actually software and it developed by "KDE" community. The current generation is Plasma 5, with latest version 5.14.4.

Technical, historical information

The best information I can obtain is the history on KDE bug tracker dated back to April 2018 on Plasma release version 5.13.0 created by Bernhard Schiffner. You can see that this bug fix was first added on the release of Plasma 5.12.9 (a month before 5.13.0) by Jonathan Riddell here. You can see the report listed among other reports here. To be precise, the program we are talking about is namely Digital Clock within KDE Plasma Workspace source code and the source code file name is DigitalClock.qml. Thank you bschiffner and all KDE developers. You've done great thing!

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