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Friday, October 19, 2018 at 15:41

Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" just released yesterday 18 October 2018. I wrote the short welcome review here, and now this article lists all download links of Ubuntu and 7 Official Flavors including torrents. I include a brief how to download below as well just in case it's your first experience with Ubuntu. Last but not least, I list all MD5SUM values of them in the end so you can verify your downloads. Happy downloading, happy installing, and happy running with Ubuntu. Good luck!

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How To Download

Here you have two ways to download: direct and BitTorrent. I strongly suggest you to use BitTorrent way instead to download Ubuntu (see each Torrent link below). It benefits everyone: it's truly faster (I could get 3MiB/s, ~5 minutes for one ISO), and it reduces community servers' loads very much (so it's a good social contribution).

Direct way:
  • Right-click the ISO link > Save link as > be sure it shows .iso file name with 1GB size or more > download it.

BitTorrent way:
  • Open the Torrent link with your favorite BitTorrent client program e.g. Transmission. It will download the actual .iso file. See torrenting guide for more details.



Official Flavors


2. Kubuntu

Ubuntu derivative with KDE Plasma desktop.

3. Xubuntu

Ubuntu derivative with XFCE desktop.

4. Lubuntu

Ubuntu derivative with LXQt (formerly LXDE) desktop.

5. Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu derivative with multimedia editing & mixing capabilities and XFCE desktop.

6. Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu derivative with MATE desktop.

7. Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu derivative with UKUI desktop for Chinese users.

8. Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu derivative with Budgie desktop (originally from SolusOS).

Checksum List

Here's a list of official MD5SUM checksums of all ISO images above. I separate it here to make it easier for you. Check your downloaded image file with command line: $ md5sum iso-image-file-name.iso and compare your result here (use Ctrl+F in your web browser).

64-bit group:
  • Ubuntu 64-bit: d40aa9b8043849ecd888e85eade072db
  • Kubuntu 64-bit: 8ec1a9baf54f58241fc89cf695001887
  • Lubuntu 64-bit: c53e553cfc4db0f83f2ed48a55f3f1ac
  • Xubuntu 64-bit: c85e1a135d97881d6abff4a225abb433
  • Ubuntu MATE 64-bit: 8ef3eafe28e6c2317321e575f4a14788
  • Ubuntu Studio 64-bit: 5d394ad57b4c3c7de9d9629b356bbcff
  • Ubuntu Kylin 64-bit: a258cda907251135027f67bb5fd0c125
  • Ubuntu Budgie 64-bit: 7723ef5c6e20ba5ddfa7cfeb49bfbd80
32-bit group:
  • Xubuntu 32-bit: c0e4fb7b7d660914c05ffc036032dc18
  • Lubuntu 32-bit: 38e0bf05b6bfc3faa700f779e94cc1b7

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