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Friday, September 28, 2018 at 21:08

I write this small review of GNU/Linux distros with XFCE User Interface to help you choose a suitable lightweight, free operating system for your computer. Especially, to empower your old PCs and laptops once again. I present here five distros for you: Xubuntu, Linux Mint XFCE Edition, Fedora Spin XFCE, Manjaro XFCE Edition, and Porteus XFCE. All are lightweight. By looking at my criteria below, like, 32-bit availability and how small the ISO size is, or what special features are available and how satisfying the support is, I hope you can choose one most suitable for you. Let's revive our old machines and empower more our new ones with an XFCE distro!

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1. Xubuntu

2. Linux Mint XFCE Edition

CCSM brings back so many memories of our old, old Ubuntu time:

3. Fedora Spin XFCE

4. Manjaro XFCE

5. Porteus XFCE


Here is my recommendation in brief:
  • If resource usage is not a problem, take Xubuntu.
  • If you need the lowest resource use, Porteus XFCE is the best here.
  • If you want a nostalgia with Compiz, use Mint XFCE.
  • Always try in LiveCD mode before installing to disk.
  • Good idea to use a LiveCD of them for your internet anonymity and privacy.
Anyway, this recommendation is only a help for most beginner users. Again, I hope this makes you easy to choose one. Enjoy!

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