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Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 21:32

It is about blocking images from all websites with exceptions in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Using EasyImageBlocker addon, it is very simple. First, you can whitelist all websites but blacklist some. Second, in reverse, you can also block all websites but whitelist some. For example, you want to block all Facebook's images but not else; or, you want to block all images but not Wikipedia's. This simple tutorial explains both in easy way.

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1) Block All, Unblock Some

For example, you want to block all images in all websites, but not to block only Wikipedia. In other words, you want to whitelist Wikipedia. Perhaps you want to save your internet bandwidth then this is the very effective way.

1) Open up the EIB logo on the toolbar
2) Select the "unblock images" logo
3) Enter the URL:
4) Click plus button
5) The whitelisted added with "unblock images" status

Now Firefox will block all images except from Wikipedia.

2) Block Some, Unblock All

The easiest example would be you want to block only images in Facebook, but not to block images outside. In other words, you want to blacklist Facebook. This is even more easy. You just need to change the Preferences to be "unblock by default" and then add a blacklist for Facebook only (

1) Go to Tools > Addons > see Easy Image Blocker > press Preferences button.
2) Scroll down until you see options.
3) From Initial operation mode: select Load all images.

Set first "Load all images"

4) Now press the EIB logo on toolbar.
5) Select the "block images" logo
6) Enter the URL:
7) Press the plus button
8) Then blacklisted added with "block images" status


Now Firefox will allow all images except those from Facebook. Try it!

Real URL for Images

One thing you need to know is many websites has different URL for images compared to their web URL. For example, don't expect images in Facebook come from URL, because in reality they are come from This is the real URL for images for Facebook. So you need to block/unblock and not

Another example is, don't expect images in Wikipedia come from URL, because they are come from It is a different URL. Again, in this, what you need is the real URL, and not

So you need to know first the real URL for images in each website you want to block or unblock. To know this is actually easy. Go to facebook or wikipedia and right-click any image > Copy Link Location > paste to text editor > delete the long URL until the top level domain like or > add that URL into your EasyImageBlocker. That's all the basic.

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