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Friday, March 16, 2018 at 22:44

This is the 9th article, the final part of the series. This ninth article gives you more documentations to help yourself in using Kubuntu 17.10. The resources are online links to certain manuals and ebooks specialized for Kubuntu basics, command lines usage, software installation instructions, how to operate LibreOffice and KDE Plasma.

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Resources in General

Ubuntu documentations:
Kubuntu documentations:

Resources for KDE

Your Kubuntu 17.10 contains many KDE software such as Plasma (your desktop), Dolphin (your file manager), Kontact (your email+calendar+contact+news management), and System Settings (your control panel). KDE is the developer team, a community behind all KDE software, and Kubuntu originally stands for KDE + Ubuntu = Kubuntu.

Resources for Command Lines

Official documentation:

From Bash-Hackers Wiki (by community) for intermediate-expert users:

From Commandlinefu (by community) in daily life examples of commands:

Beautify your bash shell prompt with very easy to use Bashrcgenerator:

Resources for Software Installation

Resources for Upgrading

All Documentations

Basic Upgrading

Upgrading One End of Life (EOL)

Resources for LibreOffice

Official LibreOffice Books  (available in ODT and PDF)

Web page, PDF version, ODT version

Web page, PDF version, ODT version

Web page, PDF version, ODT version

Web page, PDF version, ODT version

Web page, PDF version, ODT version

Web page, PDF version, ODT version


Kubuntu Official Forum

Ubuntu Official Forum

Development Forum

Final Words

Finally, I hope these whole nine articles truly help you in operating Kubuntu on your computer. I also hope that this series help you in operating any other Kubuntu version aside from 17.10 "Artful Aardvark", and furthermore any other KDE Plasma distro aside from Kubuntu like openSUSE and Mageia. Share this tutorial series and help your neighbors. Enjoy your Kubuntu!

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