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This fifth part of Kubuntu Artful Guide explains common uses of applications on Kubuntu. You see here daily activities like how to read PDF, extract ZIP archive, play audio and video, download huge files, scheduling your calendar, and setup you email at desktop. This part made short so you can quickly do it and on Kubuntu (and teach it to your friends, too). Enjoy!

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Single-Click, Double-Click

On Kubuntu, by default you single-click and not double-click to open a file. Change this back to double-click by going to System Settings > Hardware > Mouse > choose Double-click there > OK.

How To Open Photos

Double-click photo to open it. Kubuntu program to view photos is called Gwenview. To crop photo, press Shift+C. To save photo as another format, press Ctrl+Shift+S.

How To Read PDF (Okular)

You use Okular to read PDF and ebooks. To read, just double-click any PDF file you have. To enable multitabbing (like Foxit Reader), go to menu Settings > Configure Okular > check "Open new files in tabs" > OK.

How To Extract ZIP (Ark)

You use Dolphin file manager to extract ZIP, TAR, RAR, etc. To extract, right-click the file > select Extract Here.

However, to open compressed files, you use Ark. To open, double-click the file.

And, to compress files/folders as a ZIP file, you use Dolphin. To compress, select all files/folders you want > right-click > Compress > Here As Zip > a ZIP file produced.

How To Edit Text

You use Kate to edit text files such as TXT, CPP, PY, PHP, and HTML.

How To Play Audio & Video (VLC)

You use VLC to play MP3, MP4, OGG, WEBM, or any other multimedia file. VLC is a replacement for both WinAmp and Windows Media Player.

How To Download Torrent (KTorrent)

You use KTorrent to get huge files in BitTorrent way. To download, open a file named .torrent in KTorrent and let it download the actual file. For example, try to download the Ubuntu 16.04 torrent and open it with KTorrent.

How To Setup Desktop Email (KMail)

You use KMail to get your Gmail mails on the desktop. To do so, follow our tutorial in KMail+Gmail. In essence, you just need to provide your username and password and choose either it's POP3 (local storing) or IMAP (online reading) mode, and it's done.

How To Schedule Your Calendar (KOrganizer)

You use KOrganizer calendar program to schedule your daily life. In essence, you just need to show Month View and start double-clicking to add new schedule. You may interested to know more on our KOrganizer simple guide.

to be continued...

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