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Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 22:15

Know how to install applications on Kubuntu. This Part 3 of Kubuntu Guide the Series introduces you 2 things: (1) what applications available for you (2) how to install applications you need using Kubuntu Discover as well as upgrading any application using Kubuntu Muon. This article also introduces you Kubuntu programs that are replacements for MS Windows programs (see table below). The purpose of this article is so that you quickly able to get what you need. Finally, enjoy your happy life with Kubuntu!
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1. Two Tools


For experienced users, Muon is very similar to Synaptic, while Discover is very similar to the old Ubuntu Software Center.

On Kubuntu, you have Discover and also Muon Package Manager as your "App Store". With these, you can find software you need and install it by click. Also, you can upgrade your software to new version. I recommend for new user to use Discover for daily use and use Muon for special purpose like upgrading or troubleshooting.

The Discover:

Discover icon

Discover showing "video editing" software

The Muon:
Muon icon

Muon showing both installed and available software

2. Table of Replacements

These are comparison of Windows >< Kubuntu applications. All Kubuntu applications mentioned are available on Kubuntu Discover.

Application Category Windows Application (nonfree software) Kubuntu Application (free software)
Office suite Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Impress
Web browser Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Download manager Internet Download Manager Persepolis
Video player GOM Player VLC
Audio player WinAmp Amarok
Image editor (bitmap) Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Image editor (vector) CorelDRAW Inkscape
Screenshot utility ScreenshotCaptor Shutter

Mathematics simulator MATLAB Scilab
Electronic PCB/schematic design EAGLE KiCAD
2D Animation Macromedia Flash MX Synfig Studio

3. Install A Software


Just like installing software in Android, you run the App Store and install software by pressing Install button.

First: run Discover: open up the menu > see Software Center (Discover) there > click that icon > Discover showing.

Second: find a software such as "video editor" > the Discover showing applications such as Kdenlive, OpenShot, or Pitivi > suppose you like Kdenlive > click Install button on Kdenlive to install it.

Installed software will appear at menu like this.

4. Uninstall A Software

Run Discover and press Remove button at the one you want to uninstall.

5. Add Third-Party Repository


There are hundreds of program available in PPAs (like Persepolis, GIMP, Blender) that can be installed if you follow this section.

Suppose you want Persepolis Download Manager that is not available in Kubuntu but available in third-party source (called "PPA"). You can add the third-party address and then install Persepolis using Discover. These steps discuss how to do it:

1) you should have the PPA address (of Persepolis) that looks like "ppa:persepolis/ppa" by opening its website information

2) open up Discover > go to Settings > press More button > select Software Sources > a dialog appears.

3) on the dialog Software Sources: go to 'Other Software' tab > press Add button > paste the address of PPA > press OK > press Close > finally press Reload or OK if a dialog asked to reload.

4) back to Discover: find the name "persepolis" > now Persepolis showing at the Discover > finally, press Install button.

6. Upgrade A Software

Upgrading whole system is very complicated for home user so don't do it (unless you're ready for any error), instead, upgrade only program you need to be upgraded like this section.

To upgrade software, the safest is by using Muon and not Discover. You can choose what software to upgrade (despite you can also upgrade the whole system). For example here, suppose you want to upgrade Mozilla Firefox:

1) open up Muon Package Manager

2) go to filter By Status > find "firefox" > press 'Upgrade' button > press Apply Changes.

to be continued...

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