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Friday, February 23, 2018 at 16:10

Godot Engine is a software to make video games (2D and 3D) that is completely free and available for GNU/Linux. Also, Godot is cross-platform, so game you made on GNU/Linux will be runnable on Windows and macOS as well, and vice versa. Godot is a very good replacement to either 3D Gamestudio or 3D Gamemaker on Windows to make 3D games, while it's also capable to replace RPG Maker to make 2D games. This article shows how to download and install Godot Engine on Ubuntu.

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Download Godot Engine software at:

At this time, Godot reaches version 3.0 with +/-20MB size of file.


Extract the ZIP file > you get an executable file named Godot_vx.y-stable without extension > double-click that file > Godot window appears.

Left: double-clicking executable of Godot; right: Godot running


Open up Alacarte* > make new item > give it name Godot > give it icon of Godot > give the path to Godot executable > OK. Now, see your desktop menu if Godot application appears there.

Make Godot appears on your desktop menu

*) Alacarte (or appears as "Menu Editor"), is used for GNOME and Unity desktop. If you don't have it, install it by $ sudo apt-get install alacarte . If you use Kubuntu, use built-in KDE Menu Editor instead by right-click menu > Edit Applications.

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